Session Three: Writing Activity

Click to play the session three writing activity video

“Reconnecting to Now: Using Meditation & Writing to Rediscover Love, Peace and Joy”
Stephanie Miller-Rizzi
  1. Centering
    Sit as erect as possible, close your eyes, and take several deep cleansing breaths (3 part breathing with pauses at the bottom and the top works well here). At the end of your final breath, return to breathing normally and relax your mind in an effort to clear out any chatter that you may be “hearing”—try to achieve a silent mind, but don’t force anything. If thoughts enter your mind, let them float by, do not invest any energy in them. All you should be focusing on now is the sound of your own breath.
  2. Trusting
    Imagine a bright light entering through the top of your head and spiriling warmth and love throughout your body. The light circles all around you and within you from your head to your feet wrapping you in a safe illuminated blanket of peace.
  3. Releasing
    Open your eyes and in that state of peace pick up your writing utensil and begin to freely write about the love that exists in your heart right now—in the present moment what do you love? Spend time writing about the people, places, things you listed. Why do you love what you listed? Use detail and descriptive terms that help you feel right now the way each listed person/place/thing makes you feel. Focused on the loving feelings you have and on how you in turn feel loved. After, you’ve completely written about each loved entity on your list, focus on yourself. What do you love about you…list everything, no matter how small. Look inside yourself dig out all the things you love about YOU. Spend some time with this. It’s important. Throughout all of your writing, don’t restrict yourself to just words. If you wish, draw doodles, write in shapes that feel natural, be brave and let your words stray away from the lines. Allow yourself freedom to just be. Don’t think about rules or restrictions. Let your writing reflect your feelings.
  4. Resetting
    Look at your writing. Find the words and phrases that make you happiest. Focus on them. Remember them and how they make you feel. Remember that love exists, it is real, and will always be there to support you no matter what. It is a part of our universe. It will never go away.
  5. Resuming
    Return to your routine. You will hopefully feel refreshed and energized remembering that no matter how tough things get, there is a universal love that transcends all trouble. Trust it. Believe in it. Practice this anytime you feel overwhelmed and in doubt of your incredible value to this world.
  6. Go forth in love