Session Three: Drawing Activity

Play the Session One drawing activity video, called Looking Into

“Color Experiments”
Jill Ware

Mindfulness and experimentation are natural partners, both reflecting an active attention and engagement in what you’re doing. Both require you to slow down and to fully experience the actions you are taking or not taking. Experimenting with watercolor is a fantastic way to let go for awhile and to immerse yourself in the activities of discovery and observation without plan or judgement. Watercolor is unpredictable and a fantastic experimental tool to work on releasing expectations – you may have one idea, but chances are the watercolor has another one – that’s the fun and the lesson! Enjoy creating textures and color combinations, and also enjoy the world slowing down for a moment.

If you prefer to draw instead of watercolor, I suggest using a pen and do not sketch ahead of time. Any old pen will do and just as instructed for the watercolors, stay present and engaged as you work. In this photo, I am drawing hydrangeas which are so much fun to draw because of the repetition of the flowers. Choose something to draw that speaks to you or draw from memory. Enjoy the ink on the paper and let that joy guide your decisions.

If you would like to keep track of time during this activity, please click the bar below when you begin. At the end of 20 minutes, you will hear a set of chimes to indicate time is up. You can reset the timer for another 20 minutes by clicking RESET at the top right.

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