Session One: Photography Activity

man taking a photo of a yellow road sign with a black silhouette of a man walking
“Color Walk”
Arnold J. Kemp with Craig Zirpolo

Take a walk in your garden, your neighborhood, or a public park, taking a camera with you. Give yourself at least twenty minutes. Try to stay as quiet as possible, but allow any environmental sounds simply to be what they are. Pay attention to your surroundings, noticing particularly the colors around you, letting them sink into your consciousness. As you become alert to color, allow yourself to choose one color in particular, noticing everything in your environment, living or inanimate, of this color or its near relation.

Make a series of 7 photos. Each time you see something exhibiting your chosen color, whatever appeals to you or seems within reach, take a picture of it. Photograph whatever you wish, but pay special attention to as many different growing things as you can – notice animals, insects, grasses, weeds, flowers, trees. You don’t have to worry about knowing the names of things. When you get home, edit your photos to maximize the color of your choosing; then make a slideshow or collage, to show the various things and places exhibiting it. If you feel so moved, caption your photos to express something about how you feel when you see this color.

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