Session One: Dancing Activity

Play the Session Two: Dance activity video called Linking Breath and Movement: The Practice of Moving Meditation

“Linking Breath and Movement: The Practice of Moving Meditation”
Brinson Leigh Kresge

At your own pace, follow along in this beginning yoga activity. If you have a mat, you can use it. But do not feel like you need to have one to participate. Clothing that is not constrictive is recommended though. The students in this video have just completed an 8-week course in yoga at VCU. In that short amount of time, they shared that they felt significant results. But remember that you are starting a practice, and be kind to yourself with whatever place your body is starting at.

If you want to share an image of your practice, do. But only if you want to.

If you are not sharing an image from your practice, please continue onto the wrap up video and final breathing exercise for this session by clicking on continue.