Session Four: Dance Activity

Play the Session Two: Dance activity video called Linking Breath and Movement: The Practice of Moving Meditation

Jill Ware

Improvisation is the permission to let your body move the way it wants to in the moment. Dancers and choreographers use improvisation like a sketch pad, a tool to get a little deeper and closer to the heart of a particular motion and feeling. We’ll begin with a short warm up and move into a full improvisation exercise that we will repeat twice with adjustments made to the second round. After the serious introspective improvisation is practiced, we will take these skills and send them out into the world by turning the music up, and throw a full on dance party with ourselves. Sometimes the body just needs to move and listening and embracing that need is at the center of an improvisation practice.

When you have finished your improvisational movement practice, please continue onto the wrap up video and final breathing exercise for this session by clicking on continue.