Session Four: Forming Connections

In Session Four, we focus on the ways that mindfulness for the self can affect our connections, reactions, and relationships with others.

“Forming Connections”
Christopher Reina & John Freyer

In this video, a mindfulness researcher and a social practice artist share with you their thoughts on our connections with other people and the ways that mindfulness and art experiences, like the ones they describe, can affect those connections. Christopher Reina’s research focuses on the intersection of leadership, mindfulness, and emotions in the workplace. John Freyer’s art practice brings people together for distraction free conversations, in “Free Ice Water”, and his belief in the healing power of experiences that create these kind of human connections. In this final session of Artfulness, we hope to turn our attention to the ways we impact those around us.

“Connecting Palms” Breathing Exercise
Patricia Kinser

In this breathing exercise, Patricia Kinser leads us in a relaxation exercise that focuses on the heat and energy felt in connecting fingertips, palms, and beyond.

Guided Meditation
Mary Shelden

In this guided meditation, we are soothingly led into an opening of our senses that bring the outside world in, through hearing the sounds around you and thinking of the essence of scents, all bringing us into a greater awareness of the present moment.

Choose one art activity.

White pencil in a gray circle

In this drawing activity by Ying-Fang Shen, you will take inspiration from a news story or an article that you read, connecting your Artfulness practice to the world beyond your present moment.

Dance figure on pale green circle

Improvisation is the permission to let your body move the way it wants to in the moment. Jill Ware and two VCU dance students share this fun and liberating dance activity in a video that you can follow along with.

Camera icon on coral circle

In “The Golden Object” by John Freyer, you will spend some time thinking about the objects that you surround yourself with, where you store them and why you decided to hang onto them in the first place.

Feather pen on turquoise circle

Start a gratitude journal! James Fueglein leads you in this activity that can help you become more focused and attentive to your connections to others and hopefully help make your relationships more fulfilling.

Music icon inside a blue-green circle

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