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Artfulness is a recipient of a VCU Quest Innovation Fund grant. This project could not have been possible without the many supporters it has had along the way. The long list of talented and dedicated people you see below have each contributed a special offering to you, in the hopes that you have a beautiful Artfulness experience.

Amy Adkins
Amy Adkins, PH.D.Assistant Professor, Psychology & The College Behavioral & Emotional Health Insititute

I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful project! Learning about mindfulness, and passing that knowledge on to my students, has become an important part of my world.


Justin Alexander
Justin Alexander, DMAssistant Professor, Music

In order to make sense of the music I perform, I must be mindful of themes or repeated phrases, and learn to develop those phrases to create a musical statement. Mindfulness practice helps me focus on the actual sounds I am creating rather than my preconceived ideas.


Elizabeth Bambacus, M.Ed., N.C.C.Student Engagement & Summer Studies Administrator

Artfulness opened my eyes to a way of life and teaching that I never knew I already followed, and I am now living and teaching with greater intention and purpose.


Jon Becker
Jon BeckerDirector, Online Academic Programs and Learning Innovation, VCU Alt Lab

Jon Becker has seen the potential of Artfulness from the start. He acted as the GEHLI team’s sponsor and then continued to offer the support of ALT Lab as the site came together.


Joseph W. Cates
Joseph W. Cates, MFAAssistant Professor, Focused Inquiry

Joseph W. Cates received his MFA in Poetry from VCU in 2002. He has taught writing and critical thinking in VCU’s Department of Focused Inquiry since 2007. He also teaches a service-learning course devoted to ensuring food security in the local community.


Laura Chessin
Laura ChessinAssociate Professor, Graphic Design

This project has reminded me that a creative practice nourishes the body, the mind, and the spirit and free and always available. Remember. Don’t hold your breath.


Dvora Courtland
Dvora Courtland, MSWInternational Program Manager, VCU School of Business

I’m in love with the concept of artfulness, and I hope this project will bring many more creative moments of mindfulness into the world.


George R. Deeb
George R. Deeb DDS, MDAssociate Professor, Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

I’m interested in utilizing mindfulness as a tool for decreasing burnout and increasing physician well being. I enjoy working creatively with glass and am excited about art as a mindful practice.


Suzanne Fairman
Suzanne A. Fairman, BSCoordinator of Operations, ALTLab/Online

This project resonates so deeply with me. Daily meditation helps me stay focused and feel great. Who doesn’t want that? This project spreads the knowledge and joy of artfulness and mindfulness.


John D. FreyerAssistant Professor of Cross Disciplinary Media, VCUarts

As a cross disciplinary artist whose social practice work engages directly with multiple and often accidental audiences, I welcome the opportunity to share may practice with participants in the Artfulness project.


Jamie Fueglein
Jamie FuegleinAssistant Professor, Focused Inquiry

Artfulness allows us space, time, and method to glimpse our own souls. When we see our souls, we love ourselves better, can thereby love others better, and experience the aim of true human empathy.


Emma Gauthier
Emma GauthierLearning Media Specialist, VCU ALT Lab

Remember the story you told as a child – through your uninhibited movement, motion, and imagination. I believe the sublime can be found in deep play, and I believe good stories can change the world.


Sarah Golding
Sarah E. Golding, Ph.D.Instructor, Director of Undergraduate Research, Biology

Artfulness blossomed from a team project within Grace Harris Leadership training. What excited me was the notion of self-care for the prevention or treatment of that “overwhelmed” feeling we all get.


Linda Hancock
Linda Hancock, FNP, Ph.D.Director, VCU Wellness Resource Center, Division of Student Affairs

As a clinician and educator, helping students to learn mindfulness skills has helped me to grow my own practices. Learning how to take short breaks and be present enriches our lives and our health.


Darryl Harper
Darryl Harper, DMAChair and Associate Professor, Music


Chioke I'Anson, Ph.D.Instructor, African American Studies

I’m a philosopher tech head with a passion for motorcycles and public radio. I teach in African American Studies.


Arnold J. Kemp
Arnold J. Kemp, MFADean of Graduate Studies, Art Institute of Chicago

Arnold Kemp is an American artist that works in painting, print, sculpture, and poetry. He was a founding member of the Artfulness project.


Patricia Kinser
Patricia Kinser, Ph.D., WHNP-BC, FNAPAssistant Professor, VCU School of Nursing

I am a nurse and scientist whose biobehavioral research focuses on integrative health interventions. I study how mindfulness can promote wellness across the lifespan.


Brinson Kresge
Brinson Leigh KresgeAdjunct Professor, VCUarts Department of Dance and Choreography

I am fascinated by the potential creativity and inspiration available to us at given moment, just waiting to be unearthed. The process of artfulness, is a practice of unearthing.


Whitney Lovelady
Whitney A. Lovelady, M.Ed.Assistant Director, VCU Transfer Center

The fact that Artfulness can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill is what keeps me engaged and practicing.


Lea Marshall
Lea Marshall, MFAAssociate Chair, Dance & Choreography

I appreciate mindfulness as a root of learning and creativity. Through compassionate attention we make connections – on the page, in the studio, in ourselves, and with each other.


Molly Ransone
Molly B. RansoneAssistant Director of Learning Media Innovation, VCU ALT Lab

This has been a beautiful project to be a part of and I am so grateful for everyone that I am sharing this page with for helping me make it happen.


Christopher Reina
Christopher S. Reina, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Department of Management

I’m passionate about teaching the importance of mindfulness and how it can be integrated into all aspects of our lives — from our relationships, to our art, to our work.


Eric Rivera
Eric Rivera, MFAAssistant Professor, Department of Dance & Choreography

My art practice is dance. In my career, I’ve danced with multiple companies, including 13 seasons with Ballet Hispanico of New York. These experiences helped me connect my body, my mind and my soul.


Stephanie Miller-Rizzi
Stephanie Miller-RizziInstructor, Focused Inquiry

As an avid practitioner of both yoga and meditation, I have worked to employ centering techniques I’ve learned from them to both achieve peace in my own professional life and in the lives of my students. The human brain is capable of giving us wings or crippling us depending a great deal upon how well we are able to stay mindful and actually live in the present moment. This is why I find this project vitally important.


Alana Robinson
Alana RobinsonVCU Alumna

I live in the world of creative. I love problem solving with strong concepts and great design.


Brendan Robson
Brendan RobsonVCU Alt Lab, Graphic Design Intern

I have often found that mindfulness, as an act of self-care, has become an increasingly important part of my practice as a designer and as a person in general. You are your own catalyst of creativity, making it vital to keep your mind and body in harmony with each other.


Max Schlickenmeyer
Max SchlickenmeyerMedia Specialist, VCU ALT Lab

I’ve always held a deep interest in learning about ourselves as a species, as well as on a more personal level. Our behavior is often illogical and our actions and inaction often hurts ourselves or others. Mindfulness can overcome some of these inconsistencies in life and help us be better friends, partners, co-workers, parents, siblings, all the above. In my session, I hope you will gain a better understanding of what makes you feel the way you do and how you can, at least for a moment, re-center your focus and stimulate an awareness for yourself and the people around you.


Mary Lamb Shelden
Mary Lamb Shelden, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Interim Assistant Director, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Focused Inquiry

I helped originate the Artfulness Initiative. I’ve been leading students in mindful creative writing practice for over twenty years. My background is in English, vocal music and interdisciplinary studies.

Ying-Fang Shen, MFAAssistant Professor, Communication Arts

As an animator, I respond to all around with stories and visual languages that fit. Thus mindfulness is always the key in my creative process, and thus brought me into this project.


Jolinda Smithson
Jolinda D. SmithsonGraphic & Web Designer, Communication Arts Alumni

As a graphic designer, illustrator, jewelry maker and glass caster, I love bringing the act of making into my daily life. It calms my stress level and provides a much-needed break from the digital world. I like to make physical objects that enhance my digital designs when I can.


Judith Steel
Judith K. SteelAssociate Professor, Department of Dance and Choreography

My teaching and artistic practice is informed by a somatic/body/mind approach. I have the greatest opportunity to embed awareness of the wisdom of the body with both movement practice and cognitive learning.


Jill Ware
Jill B. WareAssistant Professor, VCUarts Depot

Through illness, I found out just how valuable creativity and mindfulness can be. Drawing, movement and writing are absolutely the things that keep me on my feet and able to move forward.


James Wiznerowicz
James Wiznerowicz, DMAAssociate Professor, Department of Music

The mind that connects creativity with purpose, openness with direction and passion with decision is obtainable. Frequent acts of artfulness build a path of choice for one’s self. This is what brings me here.


Tom Woodward
Tom WoodwardAssociate Director of Learning Innovation, VCU ALT Lab

I’m in favor of anything that makes the world a more interesting place.


Courtnie Wolfgang

I like to unravel things. I like to make messes. I think there’s a lot to learn about your practice- whatever it is- by letting something fail and then making something new out of it.


Craig Zirpolo
Craig ZirpoloMedia Specialist, Psychology

Cameras often inhibit connection to our surroundings. But if you keenly focus on movement, texture and color, photography and filmmaking become meditation.


Grace E. Harris
Leadership Institute

Artfulness came into being during the 2015 cohort of VCU’s distinguished Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute. Teams work on presenting ideas for making positive contributions to life at VCU, with a spirit of creative altruism as exhibited by Grace E. Harris.

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Artfulness epitomizes the spirit and ethos of innovation to which VCU’s Academic Learning Transformation (ALT) Lab is deeply committed. We are proud to be a sponsor of this project that marries the affordances of the modern Web with a focus on the arts and mindfulness.

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VCUarts Depot

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Artfulness project, the VCUarts Depot has been wonderfully generous in donating space for video shoots and promotional events.

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